Chicano Rap

What you know about Chicano Rap? Let everyone know who your favorite Chicano Rap artists are, from the oldie but goodies rappers like Kid Frost to the new school artists, Lil Rob.

Chicano rap is a subgenre of hip hop music, Latin rap and gangsta rap that embodies aspects of West Coast and Southwest Mexicans American (Chicano) culture and is typically performed by American rappers and musicians of Mexican descent... This is for La Raza!

Chicano Rappers

Check out the latest Chicano Rap artists from A to Z. From underground Chicano Rap, oldies to the latest radio hits you'll find the artists here. If you know of any other Chicano Rap artists let it be known and we'll add the rapper as soon as we get a chance.

Psycho Realm


Mr. Capone-E

Ms. Krazie

Lil Rob

Spanky Loco

Miss Lady Pinks

Brown Boy

Mr. Criminal

Kilo Brown

Lil Menace

Mr. Shadow


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Chicano Rap Videos

The best Chicano Rap videos from official YouTube Chicano Rap video channels including free interviews, music videos, rap battles and oldies. Feel free to send us links to Chicano Rap videos so we can add them here and make the Chicano Rap videos list grow.

Lil Rob - Summer Nights

Kid Frost - La Raza

Mr. Criminal - Side 2 Side


Payaso - Listening To my Oldies

Chino Grande - Anybody Killa

LSOB - On A Sunday Afternoon


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Chicano Slang

The following is a list of Chicano slang words and expressions borrowed from Wikipedia and will add my own as the list grows.

dude; guy; man
a girl, or girlfriend
California. In standard Spanish, it means "caliphs".
everythings all good
"no way"; antonym of simón
"Watch out"; smart; wise


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Chicano Rap Lyrics

The lates Chicano Rap lyrics for you to sing along while watching music videos from your favorite Chicano Rap artists. This includes lyrics from Chicano Rap oldies, radio hits and top 10 songs. If you have any Chicano Rap lyrics you want us to add let us know and we'll add them free.

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